Submission Guidelines

The editors of JQR invite scholars to submit original research for consideration. We publish select essays on all periods and topics in the field of Jewish studies, and welcome diverse approaches. Contributions should reflect this wide readership, communicating relevance to the field as a whole and offering the necessary framing for educated nonspecialists, while meeting a high standard of scholarly excellence.

We do not currently publish book reviews or conference proceedings. Special forums and review essays are solicited by invitation only.

To submit an essay, log on to our administrative platform, Scholastica, at

We do not accept submissions by mail or by email. For questions, please contact JQR staff, at

Most submitted essays will be sent out for evaluation by means of double-blind peer review. We aim to deliver a decision (accept, revise and resubmit, or reject) within eight weeks of submission. 

Please follow these guidelines in preparing your submission: 

  • Delete all references to the author and other identifying information from headers, text, and footnotes. (We anonymize document metadata, but if your name or other identifying information appears in the text we will send it back to you.)
  • Submissions are accepted in Microsoft Word only. If your essay contains non-English fonts or diacritics, please also submit it as a pdf for reference.
  • Submit essays in English only. All foreign-language quotations and citations should be translated.
  • Limit length to 12,000 words overall.
  • Number all pages and double-space both text and footnotes in Times New Roman 12-point font. Do not justify the right margin.
  • In the event of acceptance, contributors will be asked to edit for compliance with JQR house style, which generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. More specialized style information, including detailed instructions for citation and transliteration, is in the JQR style guide.
  • Images, maps, tables, and other figures may be embedded as low-resolution images in the Word document at the time of submission. If the essay is accepted, contributors are responsible for providing them separately in high resolution and for obtaining all necessary permissions.

 Along with your essay, you will be asked to submit:

  • An abstract of approximately 250 words summarizing the topic, argument, and approach of your essay. This will be shared with reviewers.
  • A set of keywords indicating central figures, movements, events, texts, and/or concepts in the essay.

 By submitting a manuscript to JQR the author certifies that the essay has not appeared in any other publication in whole or in part, in English or in another language; and that it is not currently under review with another publication.